The amazing writers and enthusiastic audiences that were part of Birmingham Literature Festival 2023. It was such a special long weekend with fascinating discussions on many different issues. Scroll down to see some of the festival highlights. 

All images are (c) Lee Allen Photography and Paul Stringer 

Lenny Henry
Liz Berry
Emma Dabiri
Satish Kumar
Nicola Dinan
Dr Pawas Bisht
Colin Grant & Aasmah Mir
Liv Little
Women's Prize
Stuart Maconie
Malachi Mcintosh
Peri from Bookshop On The Green
Liz Berry & Ruth Angell
Christina Patterson & Alison-Jean Lester
Toby Crowe
Liv Little & Nicola Dinan
Lenny Henry
Sally Hayden
Gary Younge
Olivia Chapman
Emma Boniwell
Jonathan Coe
Sathnam Sanghera
Ian Marchant
Aasmah Mir
Loss & Hope Event