Friends of WWM & BLF

 Thanks to the Friends, Supporters and Benefactors of Writing West Midlands for their continued support. 

Yasmin Ali
Emma Austin-Jones
Kathryn Azarpay
Matt Black
Sarah Bookey
Lorraine Boyce
Anne Cockitt
Jane Commane
Carolyn Cook
Lindsay Davis
Kit De Waal
Narinder Dhami
Ann Dolan
Edward Dunphy
Jenny Durston
Lorraine Francis
Danielle Fuller
William Gallagher
Anna & Rob Ganley
Lisa Godsal
Jacqueline Grant
Andrew Hollyhead
Rachel Hursey
Liz Hyder
Fiona Joseph
Frances Kennedy
Ian Kennedy
Abda Khan
Nadia Kingsley
Sarah Leavesley
Neil Lockwood
Amos Mallard
Paul McDonald
Sarah Mullen
Marjorie Neilson
Gareth Pert
Karen Pincher
Verity Relves
Jeanette Sheppard
Philip Monks & Jenny Stephens
Peter Wakefield

To find out more about supporting the work that we do, please visit the Support Us page. Birmingham Literature Festival is a project of Writing West Midlands.

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