Living Green: Satish Kumar

A former Jain monk, Satish Kumar went on an international pilgrimage for peace in his youth, walking 8,000 miles from New Delhi to Moscow, Paris, London, and Washington. Along the way he met Bertrand Russell and Martin Luther King. The founder of Schumacher College in the UK and Editor of Resurgence magazine for 40 years, considered ‘the artistic and spiritual flagship of the Green Movement’, he is the author of many books including his autobiography, No Destination, and is joint editor of Regenerative Learning.

Satish is a lifelong activist in the cause of environmental sustainability, social justice, and world peace. He is the recipient of the Goi Peace Prize 2022.

He comes to Birmingham Literature Festival to talk about his work as a writer, in-conversation with the writer and poet Gregory Leadbetter, Professor of Poetry at Birmingham City University.

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Birmingham Rep Theatre


Birmingham Rep Theatre
Centenary Square, Birmingham


05 Oct 2023


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm


£8 / £6.40 (concs)